Monday, October 17, 2016

Paint Bench:6th Update on mass painting project of Romans and Sussessor troops

UPDATE: (07/05/2016) I have been painting nothing but bronze for awhile. Finally half way done with the Successor Troops.  Once I finish with bronze, I will paint leather on every mini....after that probably color, such as white, red, blue, etc. I am a ways off from completion but it will be worth all the hard work when done. I also at the same time repainted all of my Roman Auxiliary troops, I painted their helms Bronze instead of iron. 

Anyways back to painting.  

UPDATE:  (10/05/2016} I am still working away, so far I have completed colors of Flesh, Bronze and Leather. I just finished the cavalry horses completely. Next I am starting on tunics and clothing colors of mostly red, orange, maybe blue and also working on the armor cuirass and linothorax. 

UPDATE: (10/15/2016) Started Color on the Italian Allies finally, the ones with color on them are not done, just mainly tunics and armor are finished, still have the whole horde to go through first. After that will be wood, metal, touch up, washing and dry brushing.

UPDATE: (10/17/2016) Finished color of the Italian Allies moving onto the Romans. The Romans are in white already so all I really needed to do was put color on their plumes. I will do all the weapons in another run across all the figures. The armies are starting to take shape, this is where the fun of painting finally begins. Kinda put me into overdrive. I should be painting Macedonians all weekend coming up. Keep in mind nothing has been ink washed and all colors will be toned down dramatically.

UPDATE: 10/06/2016

UPDATE 10/15/2016

UPDATE: (10/17/2016)